My Review for "Morganville Vampires" Volume 1

The Morganville Vampires Omnibus: 1 (The Morganville Vampires #1-3)The Morganville Vampires Omnibus: 1 by Rachel Caine

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Is about a 16 year girl goes to Morganville to school and finds out that the town is ruled by vampires. This is an amazing book that will keep you not wanting to put it down.
Claire (16 years girl) she sound so fragile at the beginning but in the end she surprises everyone by being all the time the one that does everything to save the people she loves, even if that means getting her seriously hurt or maybe dead.
The girl is very smart with a big heart, but she lets the emotion and fear take over her judgement sometimes.

Book 1 Glass House in this volume it will take you from the time that Claire get's into Morganville for school.After just few days she moves from the dorms to the Glass House with Eva, Shane and Michael because she was pushed down the stairs by Monica. In the house she finds out that vampires are the ones in charge in this town and is safer if you do not go out after dark. The safer place is in the house until you invite them in.Also her, Shane and Eve find out Michael's secret why he never leaves the house, and that is because he was human during the night but he will turn to thin air when the sun rises. He was apart of the house, but unfortunately trapped inside of it. This is when they all realized why he was never able to help any of them outside of the house.
Their big problem appears when Claire find the book that the vampires have looked for it for centuries. When she decides to take it home, without wanting she attracts one of the oldest and meanest vampire in town Oliver. Claire and everyone else refuse to give him the book so they end up with him and a whole lots of other vampires and human allies on their door trying to get the book with any cost. Well everything ends well, but with the cost for Claire to be owned by Amelie the founder of this city.

Book number 2 The Death Girls' Dance is about Shane's father coming to town to kill vampires. To keep his friends safe from his father Shane has to go along with his dad and give him all the secret vampires hide outs. Because the problems they were gathering up Michael decides to let Amelie transform him into a vampire so he could help his friends even outside of the house. To "relax" from everything that was going on around them they accept an invitation to The Dead Girl's Dance', which was hosted by a fraternity named Epsilon Epsilon Kappa (EEK) Unfortunately for them this turn out to be the worst place they could hope to have some fun, because right at midnight the whole place turned into a blood battle. (why i will let you to discover )

All the vampires were blaming Shane, so he ends up in jail with a death sentence. Michael plans to go and save Shane but he finds out that his father had helped him to escape and now he is stuck in an old hospital with Claire (the new couple) and that his father wants to blow everything up not caring that he will kill his son too. Fortunately Claire destroys the wires, but Shane's dad still manages to escape without anyone knowing where he is. When they finally get home they find and envelope with Amelie's name on it.

Book number 3 Midnight Alley is where they find out that Claire is the property of Amelie in exchange to keep her and her friends safe. Now Claire had to go and try to find a cure for vampires along with the craziest vampire Myrnin. Claire has to learn so many things that will be impossible for a human to even be able to create the "medication" which she was taking to learn so much more in so little time. Why they were in a rush it was because Myrnin was only in his clear mind just for few hours and those hours they will spend while he was lucked up in a cage.
Monica pretending to be nice with Claire invites her, Shane, Eve and Shane to her party. While trying to escape from there Eve's brother Jason stabs Shane. He spends few time in hospital because he hated to be in there, so they end up leaving earlier getting home to find out that Claire's parents are moving to town and they had a "friend" with them. Michael freaked out when he meet the person that was with them, because he was Bishop, Amelie's father.

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  1. I have heard so many good things about this series. I really need to check it out. I have to admit that I love books in a series so much more then stand alone's because I hate it when you fall in love with a book and it's characters and it's over and you just wanna keep on reading all about them. Great Review!

    your newest follower,