My Review for "Pursuer" book 1

Pursuer Pursuer by Monique Morgan

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Giving the book a 5 start for the content, and a 3 for the cover.
Do you know the feeling when you always read paranormal book, and it gets boring at the moment when is always about vampires. Well this is one of the reasons i love this book so much, because it has totally different story with entire different plot. Sometimes reading a books with same story it makes you think that maybe the authors copy each other. To come up with a totally new story and paranormal powers that you didn't see not even in movies, that's what makes a good book and an amazing author.
The book is about 2 sisters that have different powers and they both realize what is going on with them when the plane crashes with them. They find a city with people that have similar powers, so they decided to live with them and find out how they can use their powers and what is it. The name of their power does not divulge what they can do, dreamer and pursuer. The book is full of action, has drama and romance also, but the most important in this book is to what length the 2 girls will go to keep each other safe and not let anyone separate them.
I was really lucky to receive both books, from the author because first i have read the Dreamer. The Pursuer i have read it right away after i read the Dreamer and did the review about it, only now i am putting the review up for the Pursuer.

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