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The Tribe: A New World

The Tribe: A New World 


Based upon the cult television series, 'The Tribe'.Forced to flee the city in their homeland - along with abandoning their dream of building a better world from the ashes of the old - the Mall Rats embark upon a perilous journey of discovery into the unknown. Cast adrift, few could have foreseen the dangers that lay in store. What is the secret surrounding the Jzhao Li?Will they unravel the mysteries of The Collective? Let alone overcome the many challenges and obstacles they encounter as they battle the forces of mother nature, unexpected adversaries, and at times, even themselves?Above all, can they build a new world in their own images - by keeping their dream alive?

My Review

The Tribe: A New WorldThe Tribe: A New World by A.J. Penn

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Giving a book a well deserved 5 out of 5 stars for the cover and the content. This book is a continuation to the TV. show "The Tribe", is like season 6. If you are fan of the show then you must read this book, is lovely and lots of your questions will be answered.
The book is about a Tribe that is put thru lots of challenges, after the 'virus' killed all the adults. They all come from different places and by coincidence meet at the mall where they all became the strongest tribe there at the moment The Mall Rats. They are trying to make a better world, safer for the newborns to live in, but the other tribes like the power and chaos and try to get in their way. All the tribes want Bray (tribe leader), and Lex (member of the tribe) dead, because all the time they get knot up (or believe that they killed them), they come right up with a plan and save their friends. Amber (tribe leader) and Bray (tribe leader), are ready to fight with everyone for the safety of their friends, and for each other, no matter how many times they separate them, or tried to kill one of them, because in the end they find each other 9the time they spend apart gives them more strength to fight for what they love, want and believe in).
With this book is a proof of how strong the tribe is, and why the others tribes leaders should never sub estimate Bray. The book is so good that i have bought it twice. Why? Well i love print books but after i read the first chapters on amazon i couldn't wait and got it on kindle, read it in a few hours and it has 402 pages.
You will find out what is Amber and Bray going to do when they find out they are alive. What is Bray capable of doing to finally get to meet his son, and see Amber, which keeps him alive thru so many "adventures" he has to face with The Fallen & The Collectors.

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