My Review for "Dragon Ball" volume 1

Dragon Ball, Vol. 1 (Dragon Ball VIZBIG Edition, #1)Dragon Ball, Vol. 1 by Akira Toriyama

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This manga includes 3 volumes, those are :
-The Monkey King
I don't think is much that i have to say about this book, everyone has probably watched the show. The stars on goodreads they are not enough for this manga, i just love it.

This volume is about goku , how he lives, meeting bulma , learning the story about the drangon ball. Also please be prepared to laugh a lot , especially enjoying all the times when Goku does his pat-pat to see if is a girl or a boy. That is not everything you will enjoy, is what Bulma will do to get the dragon ball, or even make Goku do.

-Wish upon a dragon
In this volume they will meet yamcha, and find out so many things that happens in the cities that they travel in, and like always bulma offers to help but put Goku to get the job done. Of course you will have lot to laugh about everything that is happening. Also they finally get all the dragon ball awaken, and make their wish, but because the dragon balls were stolen the wish had to be done quick.

-The traning of Kame-Sen'nin
I think the title explains everything in this book, but what is important about the training and how do they get so strong is in the most funniest way. ( i wonder if i do those things in real life can i fly? Haha) In this volume Goku meets Krilin and what they have to do to be trained the master. However after the training is over they participate in a big tournament where they find out their true power.

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