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Inferno (Chronicles of Nick, #4)Inferno by Sherrilyn Kenyon

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I have read all the books from this series (well the ones are out)and have to say i am thankful so far that all this books were out when i started reading them, because i could get them right away i am dieing can not wait to read the 8th book...
Inferno is the 4th book from the series and is amazing honestly i think 5 starts is not enough (ignoring the fact that i had a heart attack reading the prologue). Have to say that the writer has outdone herself, with every book is raising the bar. All the credit for this book goes to Nick he is an amazing character, he takes 'bad news' very well.Like the time they tell him to be able to defeat the new enemy is with this power but you have to be very careful this is the power that can change you into the demon that we have all seen in the future, and you don't have enough time to learn it without us pushing your limit and snapping your 'guard'. Nick would say something like 'that's it?'(not remember the quote exactly). What i like the most about him in this book that finally he is cautious in who to trust, so he only trust the person send by his father to kill him (and yes he knows that very well).
How i said before i have not read the Dark Hunter series, but i love this one and honestly is not confusing how other people have said. The character Nick takes us thru some situations that i am sure we all have been in (good, embarrassing and sometimes bad)and is so entertaining and funny...Like the moment Nick goes to prom (with the wrong person) and things get interesting. However i bet that that we all want some of his power to use them on some 'creatures' we have stumble over the years.
I think i should stop writing because i already gave some important things away and don't want to ruin the reading...just going to say Babba is back (and lotsssss more ) so you know it will lots of adventure, funny moments. Read this book lots of secrets will be spilled and things will get a lot more clear for some characters.
Enjoy your reading :)

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