My Review for "Passion" book 3

Passion (Fallen, #3)Passion by Lauren Kate

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Passion is the 3rd book from the series, and like all the other 2 i liked a lot. The problem is i am a bit confused about how i should feel about some parts from the book, and especially if the title of the book works, this is why i give only 4 stars.

In this book Luce goes back into her past lives to find out what is this curse and break it, but all of this brings some consequences that could ruin her present forever. Even the creature that stars tagging along with her to teach her how to manipulate her past without doing to much damage to the present, but actually its truly plan is that Daniel will never come to find her.

I kind of hate that i started liking the creature a little until the end when things start getting strange. Some big secrets come to light in this book (which involves Daniel and his brother), some that made me start loving an angel that used to be good and now because of love he choose Lucifer side (no not Daniel). However i loved every time when Luce (the one from the past) fell in love with Daniel all over again even if sometimes she knew that will bring her death. When i think that she had found the way to break the curse something really bad happen, and the creature is the one to blame for everything.

Love that in this book we all understand why so many things happen in the previous once, and why are the angels and demons working together for the first time in history.

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