My Review for "Schizo"

SchizoSchizo by Nic Sheff

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Warning This is a sensitive topic for me, so this Review may be a little hard for some people to read. I am trying my best not to hurt anyone's feelings, and this book has Triggers that does not include just the ones that have this illness.

I need it time to write this review, to put all my thoughts about this book into words. It is hard , too hard to talk about it, to even think about it. Since Me Before You It has not been another book to make me cry so bad, but at the same time touch me so much to the point it physically hurt.

Before I start my review I have to say that I was very scared into reading this book, because I have dealt with someone that I care about so much which is in the same condition. I was afraid it will not portray the illness properly ( or did not have the right information, but I was wrong , so wrong) and I will hate it, because in my opinion if you do not know much about any mental illness then you should do as much research as possible (even talk with people that go through it) or do not even write the book. Even though in the first few chapters were a little slow not to interesting and maybe a little confusing (which it was to be expected ) , after that I had to put down the book and little take take to catch my breath from so much crying and calm down.

(here is the link to me reading the book and reacting to it Jump to 7 minutes if you do not want to see the whole video )

Miles is an amazing teenager that is trying to have as a normal high school life as possible while dealing with schizo (that's how he call is it most of the time). After few chapter in , he will take us back when he had his first episode (meaning his first break down , for those that do not know), and why he is feeling so guilty. The whole time he is trying to make his family happy, and the only way he can is by trying to find his missing brother. How can it

His character development is done so well,it is written like the writer is the one battle this illness(that is how well is portrait the mental illness). After finishing the book, I am positive that the writer he wrote the book based on someone that he knows. While reading the book I was like Listening to Miles telling me his schizo story and understanding his pain. His pain was my mentally and physical one at the entire book (especially the main events).

It hurts writing this review, I have been writing , reading and deleting, because is a very good book, and a very sensitive topic (that is not talk to much about, which is bad) and I have to be careful what to say... not to be misunderstood or create any triggers for anyone.

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My review for "Saga" volume 2

Saga, Vol. 2 (Saga, #2)Saga, Vol. 2 by Brian K. Vaughan

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

It is so hard to do a review to a book with a fandom so big and where the smallest rate is 4... why is the average 4.25? I see the series is getting better with each book but I can not give it more then a 3.5 and that is stretching it. How I said on the first volume is not that I did not enjoy reading it, is just maybe not for me (if I find it at my library I will probably continue with the story because I am curious how it goes, but I will probably not buy them anymore).

Again a warning for anyone that wants to read the book , is very graphic guys , sexual and lots of violence (explicit).

Love the fact that this volume got me to tears (did not expect it), I think I went through all the emotions possible while reading it. Even though that some characters do not agree what they have done , they are still on their side and help them even if it means that some of them will die. How much I love the babysitter , she is the one that makes this volume so much better ( i honestly could use her help sometimes).

This volume made me rethink not continuing with the saga, it is a funny and enjoyable read, but still I do not understand all the hyped about it.

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My review for "Saga" Volume 1

Saga, Vol. 1 (Saga, #1)Saga, Vol. 1 by Brian K. Vaughan

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I had a hard time rating this book (graphic novel) because I can not decide between 2.5 and 3 stars, and is not that I did not enjoy reading... I loved it ... my sister read it before me and she has the same thoughts , is very funny and entertaining , but not something that great. We can not understand why is so hyped up, I only got volume 1 and 2 , and honestly I do not know if I will continue or not. If I can borrow from the library I will probably continue the story , but I do not think I will buy them.

It is so much different then what I expected , and fair warning it has vulgar images , from sexual to lost of violence (if I knew this I was gonna be a little bit more against for my sister to read it... I know she is 17 , but she will not get sexual books from me). I love that is Unique with the species and what they can do (the robot species, they are the most funny), but he story is the same. Two species that have been at war since forever and one two "people" from each species they fall in love and have a child.

I feel that the fans of this series are planing my death now ... This is only my opinion , and how I said before it is a really funny and enjoyable read.

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My Review for "The Jungle Book" book 1

The Jungle BookThe Jungle Book by Rudyard Kipling

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

How I loved re reading this book, since I was little I was fascinated with Mowgly and what he could do ( i wanted to go into the jungle and look for little so naive), and not only that , I knew that I will be more safe there then here with the people that have weapons. The big reason I am giving just a 3.8 stars is because I hated some of the events in the book (important ones at times) , they changed the story completely ( and the child in me started yelling).

Mowgly is created to show everyone that we can adapt anywhere if the circumstances are pushing us ( and truly we have lots of real story that prove this, just the book makes it more fantasy). Children are our future and can do anything if they are shown the right path , including how to survive in the jungle if he is thought and then left alone (i know this is what I see now in the book, not when I was little, maybe I read to much between the sentences).

It is a fast and enjoyable reading that will entertain anyone no matter the age (as long as you know how to read and understand what it says in it), will just help the kids have fun (beside the electronics) and make you join in (me and my sister camped in my back yard surrounded by my moms big palmier tries pretending we are in the jungle ... it was a blast , and I am 30 ).

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My Review for "The Battlemage" book 3

The Battlemage (The Summoner, #3)The Battlemage by Taran Matharu

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This series is the first books I have read by this author , and have to say that I love his writing, or at least this series. I only give a 4.9 starts because of how many time I started crying and shaking in fear that the book will go in a direction I did not want. The whole series is amazing , usually the first book is the best but in this trilogy it just got better and better.

Warning it might contain Spoilers

I loved Ignatius from the beginning, and knew that will be an important demon but did not know it will become the one that will either help the orcs or the other races. At so many parts I started praying for the characters and especially their demons, and hoped by a miracle some of them will be saved (i cried so much in this book especially for one of the demons). From the first book we see something between Fletcher and Silver, but in this one we understand why is Silver holding back. When Fletcher broke down for his friends and seeing he can not save them I had to stop reading so I can stop crying (I felt like someone very dear to me died, so broken).

Love how each character had grown in every book, and how Fletcher uses everything he had learn (in the second book) with the though of saving his family, friends and his people ( never thought only about his life). Have to tell you now that no matter what you think it will happen in the book is wrong, it contains plot twist after plot twist.

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My Review for "The Three Musketeers"

The Three MusketeersThe Three Musketeers by Alexandre Dumas

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

My first classic that I give 5 stars , and is a favorite book , Alexandre Dumas does it again, blow my mind with his writing and imagination. I have to say after reading this book, I had to watch the movie again (last movie that came out) and then saw the TV show (oh how I love that show and how some things turn out, so happy).

This book is one of those that you do not know what to do, just live the ending how it is or continue with the next books see where the story goes. What I kept wondering is why is it called just 3 musketeers because D'Artagnan is as much as one as all the other 3, because of their friendship and what they do one for each other. Love the writing of this book, never a doll moment, always something will keep you interested, and you will be apart of their story from the beginning to the end. So many things are not said in the movies I always watched ( and I think for the best because I would've get kicked out of the cinema for everything I would say and do), from MiLady that now I do understand her (well those are not such good reasons to be how she is) but hate her more then ever (and ask myself how they can be so naive ; I would write until tomorrow about Milady).

When I get happy that now D'Artagnan is a musketeer too, still everything falls apart , even love does not have a say in this book (why are you so mean, my poor heart can not take it anymore), and gets me to wonder should I continue with this story or I can accept this ending. (have to finish here, or I will never stop talking about this amazing book, and give main events away).

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My review for "Arcana Rising" book 4

Arcana Rising (The Arcana Chronicles, #4)Arcana Rising by Kresley Cole

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Disclaimer , the ratting for this book I gave it so low for only one particular reason, Love triangle . I am so sorry guys this is the first book in the last 2 years to give a 2 stars, but I had to, because I tried reading the book and when I got to a certain chapter I could not continue, so I switch to audio and even on that one it was very hard to listen to it and not hate it skip and more.

Warning I love this series but I hate the fact the writer keeps dragging the love triangle so much, like I hate Death but at this point I am like just make your mind. Also There might be Lots of Spoilers so be careful when you start reading this.

BIG SPOILER ALERT read at your own risk.

This book drove me crazy from every point of view, is not a very big book but it took me 6 months to finish this book and even then by skipping a lot. We all remember all the previous books in this series doesn't Evie always pick Jack even though she ends up in Deaths arms???????!!!!!! (view spoiler) I love the plot and story of this series but the love triangle is just getting on my nerves , like just pick one (even if I do not like him) and stay with him. However beside all of that how I said before this series Has been and hopefully still will be one of my favorite because of how well the story has been written; very original story with nice pacing and amazing adventures that will just play with your emotion like crazy ( I think is one of the few books I ever read to experience all of my emotions at once )

The 5th book hopefully will be as epic as we all expect and that the writer does not kill any of this lovebirds (even those I do not want Evie with Death, I love Alaric his character is amazing , reminds me of Damon Salvatore trying to be bad but he can not because of her) , and to please choose one guy for her or will be probably one of the first fantasy book I read that the girl ends up with both guys and she keeps them both.

Please do not hate me for this review or the ratting , it took me a long time to write it , I waited a long time to pass so my feelings will change , but I can not because hate the direction it end up this book.

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